Saturday, May 10, 2014

"What happened do your legs?"

I was at the climbing gym last week and I got the "what happened to your legs" question. As short-wearing season approaches I reflected about this question. Generally speaking my legs are a mess (sorry for the gross picture)

I'll admit that there have been times (and there will be times going forward) when I've had to wear long legged pants to cover up the nastiness when I wanted to wear shorts.

Every one of these scars represents a ride, an adventure, a missed attempt on a log ride (ok I'll admit one of them is a result of me tripping over a log in the garage - I was carrying my road bike at the time, if it helps and the ones on my knees are actually from climbing).

My message to you - embrace the scars in whatever form they take, you wouldn't be you without them.


  1. Holy crap man! That is an impressive assortment, thought you had poison ivy lol

  2. I know, the thing is most of them are just simple scrapes from stupid falls that really don't hurt, but when they happen over and over in the same spots they start to accumulate.